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Mark Capital Management
141 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 1340A, Chicago, IL 60604

Mark Capital Management, Inc. is a global asset management firm specializing in trading domestic and foreign futures, currencies, and commodities for both institutional and private investors. Our services include asset diversification through individually managed accounts and private placement funds.

Pearlman CTA
2356 Malcolm Ave. Los Angeles Ca. 90064
Telephone: 310-474-4171

Registered CTA since 1986 Pearlman CTA offers the Commodity Growth, Hedge Financials and Combined programs. Clients can choose from 4 risk management levels: Wealth preservation, conservative, growth and aggressive. Starting account size categories are from $10,000 to $3,000,000- We work with individuals, corporations, money managers and introducing brokers.

A Commodity Trading World [Ottawa, Ontario Canada]
Commodity trading advisory newsletter with trading systems, managed futures and Chicago online discount and full service futures brokers with 5 second fill guarantee. Visit our site for more info.

Superfund Financial Group New York, New York USA
Telephone: 1-800-2212917
In business for over a decade and located in the heart of Wall Street's financial district, Super Fund Financial Group is one of the largest Introducing Brokerage firms in the futures industry.We offer a supermarket of free valuable information, benefits, and services for the self-directed and professionally managed futures trading.Enjoy deeply discounted commissions, free research and advisory service, your own 24 hour "android broker" and much more! We also are currently the only firm providing traders the ability to transmit and recieve secured futures orders over the Internet! For detailed information visit

swissDirekt Zug, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 41 710 83 43
swissDirekt is a Swiss based "direct access broker" offering futures trading on all major futures exchanges worldwide with excellant conditions.(less than ? 1 per RT). swissDirekt also offers managed futures accounts.

Altegris Investments   La Jolla, CA USA
Telephone: 800.828.5225 or 858.459.7040
Altegris Investments - Hedge Fund and Managed Futures Specialists Altegris Investments provides high net worth investors with hedge funds, managed futures and research on commodity trading advisors. The specialized research database of alternative investments and proprietary software helps Altegris’ investors identify hedge funds and managed futures products, build diversified portfolios and monitor investment performance online.

Futures Investment Company Fremont, IN USA Telephone: 800.331.1532
Futures Investment Company has specialized in selecting high quality managed futures programs, managed futures funds, and alternative investments products to help investors diversify their portfolios for over 23 years.

A Commodity Trading World [Ottawa, Ontario Canada]
Commodity trading advisory newsletter with trading systems, managed futures and Chicago online discount and full service futures brokers with 5 second fill guarantee. Visit our site for more info.

Attain Capital Management  Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 312.692.4520
Alternative investment solutions offering returns independent of the stock market through trading system portfolios and managed futures. By combining several lowly correlated trading systems and CTAs into one portfolio, there is the potential for improved performance with less overall risk.

Orion Futures Group, Inc. Tampa, Florida USA
Telephone: 1-888-769-9399
Offering Full, Discount, and Managed Futures accounts. We specialize in Seasonality as a method of trading and offer a free monthly newsletter listing our top '10' seasonal trades per month. Clients can trade and access their account information online 24 hours a day via a secure server, as well as get trade recommendations from a top CTA updated daily! Call us for a refreshing change! We offer the knowledge and patience the new trader needs, along with the experience and low rates the discount trader demands.

One World Capital Management, Inc. Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-858-0958
One World Capital services retail and professionally managed futures accounts. We offer personalized trading assistance and experienced trading advice at below-discount rates.

Rhino Trading, Inc. Magnolia, Texas USA
Telephone: 281-356-7435
Rhino Trading Inc. is an introducing broker offering self-directed and CTA managed futures accounts. We offer real-time trading system monitoring for both intra-day and end-of-day systems. We service private investors and investment firms with full, discount, and options brokerage services. We emphasize professional and courteous service. Electronic order execution is available in most markets. Orders are routed directly to the floor broker via hand held units for immediate execution. E mini S&P and mini Nasdaq orders are routed directly into globex. We have direct lines from our office to each floor position.

Citron Futures, LLC The Woodlands, Texas USA
Telephone: 281-419-3004
Citron Futures specializes in online trading and managed futures. We offer deep-discount flat commission rates with professional grade trade execution from $3.50/rt flat, along with a full line of other brokerage services including Full-Service, Broker-Assisted, and CTA Managed Accounts. We are a Guaranteed IB of Alaron Futures & Options, a Clearing Member Firm of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

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