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find Futures Trading for Beginners

We have always believed that education is a crucial component to the trading experience.

Source: National Futures Association (NFA)

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Futures Markets: What, Why & Who
  3. The Market Participants - Hedgers
  4. The Market Participants - Speculators
  5. What is a Futures Contract?
  6. The Process of Price Discovery
  7. After the Closing Bell
  8. The Arithmetic of Futures
  9. Trading
  10. Margins
  11. Basic Trading Strategies
  12. Participating in Futures Trading
  13. Deciding How to Participate
  14. Regulation of Futures Trading
  15. Establishing an Account
  16. What to Look for in a Futures Contract
  17. The Contract Unit
  18. How Prices are Quoted
  19. Minimum Price Changes
  20. Daily Price Limits
  21. Position Limits
  22. Understanding (and Managing) the Risks of Futures Trading
  23. Choosing a Futures Contract
  24. Liquidity
  25. Timing
  26. Stop Orders
  27. Spreads
  28. Options on Futures Contracts
  29. Buying Call Options
  30. Buying Put Options
  31. How Option Premiums are Determined
  32. Selling Options

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