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T & K Futures and Options Inc. Port St. Lucie, FL USA
Telephone: 800-9154716
T & K Futures and Options Inc. offers discount, online and full-service trading accounts. We also offer free quotes, charts, and exclusive futures trading strategies.

T & T Brokerage Co., Inc. Columbia, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-642-3863
T & T Brokerage Co., Inc has been an introducing broker since 1980, with offices located across the country. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your futures trading. We offer full service, discount and managed accounts. We are interested in establishing long term relationship with our customers. This, we believe, is a hallmark of a successful business venture.

TEAM - The Electronic Auction Market Calgary, Alberta Canada
Telephone: (403) 234-7429
The Electronic Auction Market (TEAM) is an online, interactive marketplace that brings cattle buyers and sellers together through the power of the Internet. TEAM is a real-time cattle auction with multiple sales weekly.

Terra Nova Futures Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 1-800-285-9750
Terra Nova Futures and Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C., offer it's clients the opportunity to trade futures, equities and options, all from one powerful trading, charting and analysis platform: RealTick®. Our link to electronic trading networks provides a fast and efficient method for enteringfutures orders and notification of executions. RealTick’s swift quote dissemination and advanced charting features enable you to react quickly and make the best decisions possible.

Terra Nova Trading LLC Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-4542-6294
We provide full service at discounted prices.

Terrapin Trading Co Kansas City, Missouri USA
Telephone: 1-877-463-4390
Terrapin Trading, is a technical trading service: we use the Terrapin Trading Analysis method to trade the commodities futures markets. All commodities markets reviewed. Broker-assisted and managed accounts,including detailed assistance with paper trading. Full-service Brokerage, specializing in managed-futures accounts. Minimum account size US$ 50.000

TFG Ltd. Rosseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Telephone: +44911 225 4605
Trading forex, fx,c fds, stocks, shares, futures, bonds, options, direct inter-bank and stock market rates with straight-through-processing.

The Beacon Companies Naples , Florida USA
Telephone: 1-888-232-2668
Beacon Futures, Inc. (BFI), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Beacon Companies, Inc. is a full service introducing commodities brokerage firm. Our goal is to provide our clients with a full range of products and services for commodity traders and investors. While we support all types of trading, our cornerstone is in Scale Trading, which is outlined in our classic book, "You Can't Lose Trading Commodities," a unique trading method developed to derive profits from price oscillations that take place in a pre-defined "scale" for a given commodity. BFI offers its clients a range of commissions, depending on the type of service desired. Low commissions for day traders and execution only type trading. Full service commissions for personalized service and contingency orders, along with proprietary Scale Trading software for management of your scales.

The Commodity Shop Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 1-(877)-950-9950
The Commodity Shop was established to redefine retail futures brokerage from being scattered and inconsistent, to a more wholesale, broad range style of service with a perfect fit for any client. Our continuous mission is to provide you with a robust trading experience that is second to none. We represent a full spectrum of clients from beginners to seasoned professionals. Our commissions are extremely competitive.

The Dealing London, - UK
Telephone: +44 1491 637800
Physical commodity brokers. Deal in base metals and precious metals. Our new online trading system allows you to trade some of the worlds most popular commodities on a leveraged basis.

The Financial Commerce Network Inc. New York, New York USA
Telephone: 212.742.9870
Online futures and option trading. Mini S&P's, instant electronic execution. Instant reports, account balances, P&L's.

The Futures Mart, Inc. Columbus, Ohio USA
Telephone: 614-442-9000
The Futures Mart, Inc. is a Guaranteed Introducing Broker of R.J. O'Brien & Associates, Inc. We offer personalized attention in a relaxed atmosphere where no trader is too big or small. Minimum deposit to open a futures account is still just $5000.00. Our website offers timely information such as valuable links and commodity projections.

The Futures Stop Grants Pass, Oregon USA
Telephone: 877-856-1136
No Pressure, No hassle, No stuffy attitude! It's YOUR hard-earned money, YOU run the show and use me to complement your trading style. Best Full Service value around, including charts, quotes, seasonal, technical and fundamental analysis, end of day comments, recommended trades, etc. Call or email me anytime, or check out my (new and changing) website for free information and great links! I appreciate your consideration... Brian H.

The Futures Trader Chicago, Il
Telephone: USA
Chicago based firm specializes in online trading platforms.

The Kathy Michael Group, Ltd. Monroe, North Carolina 28110 USA
Telephone: 888-545-6777
Educational Commodity Professionals providing free Beginner Trading Kit, free paper-trading assistance program - free trade suggestions -absolutely no obligation - commodity training seminars around the country

The Linn Group Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-999-2727
Full service commodity brokerage with a focus on the grain and livestock markets. Free research, quotes and full access to our web site for clients. Work exclusively with one broker, no order desk. On-line trading available.

The Merlin Commodity Trading System Houston, Texas USA
Telephone: -
Merlin is a computerized commodity trading system generating daily trading signals in diversified markets. The system uses optimized exponential moving averages over a spectrum of futures and is designed to follow short term moves. Trades are entered before markets open and Merlin's current positions are posted daily. $27 monthly subscription, with internet or phone access.

The Pixley Group San Francisco, California USA
Telephone: 800 880-7256
Highly personalized service. Online trading/account information. Hedging/risk management solutions. 24-hour access.Support for computerized trading systems. Managed futures. Assistance in paper trading. Personalized help for seminar and course attendees. Specialized support for: Institutional accounts International accounts Hedge accounts

The Price Futures Group - Electronic Trading Division Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-713-0215 or 312-648-2426
PriceCenter is a multiple platform online trading portal. It offers a choice of trading interfaces to retail and institutional traders and real time online and telephone based support.

The Price Futures Group, Inc. Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-769-7029
The Price Futures Group is an introducing broker that facilitates numerous types of futures trading business. The Price Group offers managed trading, system trading as well as online trading. Along with daily commentaries in various markets, the client receives the finest of full service brokerage and execution services in the industry.

The Price Group Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 800-219-8016
We are the largest IB in the US. with clearing through MAN Financial ($9 billion global firm). Our specialty in the commodities and futures market surpasses anyone in the industry. We offer individual trading accounts, system trading, hedging and Managed Funds with an average of 30-40% return for the year ended 2001. We are extremely competitive with brokerage fees.

The Reaper Phoneix, Arizona USA
Telephone: 800-528-0559
Commodity and future trading advisor R.E. McMaster writes The Reaper newsletter. Daily e-mails, faxes and hotline services. Exact buys and sells, concise analysis. Subscribe now.

The Shelton Traders Group, Inc.(FL) St. Petersburg, Florida USA
Telephone: 813-865-1492
A diverse honest brokerage providing full service, discount, and managed account services to individuals, institutions, and Investment Clubs. GET HELP, NOT HYPE!

The Trading Co-op Tampa, FL USA
Telephone: 800-350-9022
The Trading CO-OP. Helping traders save big. Unlimited trading for one monthly fee plus clearing. No pressure - just great service. Outstanding trading platform. Tremendous value. Excellent support. Stability guaranteed.

Thompson & Company Wilmington, North Carolina USA
Telephone: 800-636-6497
Commodities. futures & option brokerage firm. Offer competitive commission rates. Also offer free daily research comments, free charts, quotes, and much, much, more. Friendly service.

Three Lakes Trading Company New York, NY United States
Telephone: (800) 882-3863
Three Lakes Trading Company has 2 specialties: Online Trading (electronic and pit traded) and Managed Futures (CTA’s). We are able to provide the quickest and most reliable service possible to our trading customers regarding margins, execution, trade corrections, sending checks/wires, statements, obtaining online account access and much more! We also have the privilege of offering highly ranked CTA’s that have exceptional track records that display good money management. For more information regarding platforms, rates, our CTA’s or trading advice, please email, call Justin Boshnack at (800) 882-3863, or visit us at @

TICOM Management Moscow, Russia
Telephone: +7(095)771-7482, 771-7483
Full-service broker, Introducing Broker of Man Financial and REFCO. Located in Russia, among the clients - major Russian exporters. Initial margin over 20m.

Time Leverage Capital Corporation Miami, Florida USA
Telephone: 1-800-628-4630
Introducing brokerage firm offering wide range of services from deep discount to broker-assisted program. FREE information including charts, quotes, trading dictionary, futures chat and much more..

Today's Market Prices Miami, Florida USA
Telephone: -
This website provides in an original way the wholesale herbs, fruits and vegetables market prices fromUSA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Latin America, classified by product, origin and sizes. With this new tool you can compare the terminal prices of each commodity among more than thirty markets all over the world. This includes Fruit Report, Misc. Herb Report, Misc. Ornamental Vegetables, Onions & Potatoes Report, Subtropical Fruits & Vegetables Report, and Vegetables Report .All the Shipping Points Prices. Rotterdam Auction Prices, Japan Ota Market and more. Search engines for historical prices. Today's Markets Prices provides tables about last month prices. Also, you will be able to place business opportunities free of charge on our free Green Business Corner. Surf the agricultural wave from our Green Links!

Tokyo General Corporation Tokyo, - Japan
Telephone: (813)5404-3301
Full Service Brokerage Firm specialized in Japanese commodity /financial futures markets and managed commodity funds.

Top Gun Brokerage Tavernier, Florida USA
Telephone: 305-852-0414
Online discount commodity brokers. Electronic order entry, personal support. Managed futures accounts through our Top Gun Commodity Trading advisors. Supporting day and position traders. Open your account and recieve free internet delivered trading signals for intra day and "end of day" positions.

Trade Center, Inc. Aliso Viejo , CA 92656 USA
Telephone: 800 894 8194 US/Can 949 643 7100 Local 949 643 7111 Fax
Established in 1994. Our comprehensive services include the Administration of Futures Trading Systems, On-line Futures Trading and Capital Placement via Commodity Trading Advisors, Commodity Pools and Funds.

Trade2020 / Direct Futures Chicago, IL US
Telephone: 877.843.9006
Senior futures trader Steve Nimerov has put together a team of professionals with the expressed intent of providing the best value in brokerage services to their customers. With over 27 years of experience at all levels of the industry Steve knows the tools which are needed to establish a successful commodity trading environment. Visit our site or call us at 877.843.9006. Lisle, Il U.S.A.
Telephone: 630 960 4272
Dynamic NEW Trading Manual providing very precise ways to trade and 2 Complete S&P Systems that are 75% winners averaging $40,000 over the last 4 years!

TradeComp International Stamford, Connecticut USA
Telephone: 203-698-0058
A full service Simulated Futures Brokerage Firm, where traders from beginner to advanced, can test and improve trading methodologies in the real time market scenario - but without capital risk. To date we have saved our clients thousands by offering the opportunity to work out shortcoming within our simulations. Also, sponsors of the most respected Simulated Futures Trading Competitions in the industry.

Traders Educational Services Institute Georgetown, Colorado USA
Telephone: 303.569.3670
TESI Introduces MVA13,the Lowest Cost Trading System.Proven effective in real-world trading.

Traders Exchange Corp. North Palm Beach, Florida United States
Telephone: 8773731001
We are determined to help our clients understand the risks associated with the Futures markets. Traders Exchange Corp. firmly believes that any firms main focus should be education and service. Online traders or full service will sooner or later require human support and Traders Exchange can supply the individual or intuitional traders the highest level of service in the industry. By doing this first, we feel we can help them to use good sound money management in every trade that they make. Our years of experience as brokers have helped us to see that many trades are not winners, and the quicker you can identify a loser the better your chances are for success.

Traders Network, Inc. Loveland, Colorado USA
Telephone: 800-831-7654
Traders Network has been providing complete futures brokerage services since 1987. Geared toward both novice and experienced traders, our services include internet charting and order-placement, the popular Trade Simulator software, free faxing service, free newsletter.

TraderVest LLC Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 312-634-8655
TraderVest LLC, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodity Pool Operator specializes in providing complete guidance in establishing professionally managed futures investments, and focuses on the identificaton of top professional futures money managers.

TraderView Chicago, Il usa
Telephone: 800-253-7689
Managed Futures Specialists

TraderView LLC Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 312- 7957-739
TraderView, LLC specializes in professionally managed futures and foreign exchange products for sophisticated investors. TraderView’s extensive research, both quantitative and qualitative, attempts to identify those professional trading managers who maximize the probability of future success. Specialists design portfolios of trading managers individually tailored to each client’s specific investment criteria. TraderView believes that trading managers may change over time and should be continually reviewed to determine their suitability for a client’s portfolio. TraderView, LLC is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and an Independent Introducing Broker.

Trading Equity | Swing Trading New York, NY USA
Telephone: n/a
Swing trading service with suggested entry, exit, and stop prices. Investing ideas found through combining fundamental investment analysis with stock trading patters.

Trading Deerfield Beach, FL. U.S.A.
Telephone: 866-334-MINI
Trading is the online trading division of Sterling Equity Inc. We specialize in Forex, E-Mini S&P & the Nasdaq. All futures and options are offered and available, either do it yourself or choose broker assist,full service or managed futures porfolios. We offer free trading demo's online seminars, tutorials,booklets and much more. Realtime quotes, charts and news, free onsite.

TradingSmarts Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Telephone: (250) 995-1620
Sound familiar? You surf the 'net, and read up on commodity trading rules, or how to use COT. You shop indicators, seek new gurus. You get so confused you stop trading. How to trade like a pro in one hour shows you how fast you can profit when the big dogs make their move - by shamelessly copying this winning group.

TradingWaves San Francisco, CA USA
Telephone: (866) 888-8846
Daily stock market commentary and trade signals for the E-Mini S&P 500 futures contract.

Transitions Trading Grants Pass, Oregon USA
Telephone: 1-888-282-0086
Welcome to Transitions Trading, a commodity brokerage firm offering a wide range of services. Whether you are looking for managed accounts, full service, broker assisted, discount or on-line trading. Our goal is to give you the highest quality products and services in the commodity industry. Clients will have access to the most recent innovations available to traders. Including online trading andaccount information, 24-hour quote service, on-line paper trading, daily research and analysis, highly competent full service brokerage staff and much more.

Trend Analysis Limited Battle, East Sussex UK
Telephone: (44) 1424 775165
Trend Analysis Ltd, established in 1987 is a fully independent research company specialising in the analysis of the world's leading futures and spot FX markets.Now considered Europes premier research house, Trend Analysis is happy to offer a free 2 week trial of their reports.

Trend Analysis Ltd Battle, East Sussex UK
Telephone: 44 1424 775165
Established in 1987, Trend Analysis Ltd is the premier foreign exchange and commodities research company in Europe. Free trial available by email, internet or facsimile.

Trendline Futures Seattle, Washington USA
Telephone: 206 547 7777
We only recommend trades that we are personally trading in our own account. Your money is treated as carefully as our own. We have been trading futures to make a living since 1972 and published a monograph on the "Kondratiev Wave" in the Sept., 02 issue of "Stocks and Commodities" magazine. Tim Elrod

Trump Trading Kansas City, Missouri USA
Telephone: 800-227-3517
We here at the Trump Trading group consentrate our efforts into actually trading the markets. Our trading strategy of combining Fundamental Analysis and Trend Following methods can have a powerful impact on your trading. We are a branch office of one of the largest clearing firms in the buisness so we can provide a complete range of services from full service to deep discount, from managed to online. The Trump Trading Report is a daily email/ or fax that explains our trading ideas, it shows details down to direct quotes from floor traders and commercial traders. Give us a call to receive a free one month trial subscription to the Trump Trading Report.

Turner Truitt - American Research & Trading, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia USA
Telephone: 800-948-7551
Commodities and Options Broker. I trade my own account! 10 years personal, 3 years professional experience. Suitable for followers of Ken Roberts, Larry Williams,Jake Bernstein, Superinvestor files, Hume Strategies. Free Intro Pak. I can help you. Call me. Experienced traders- call for delta neutral hedge strategies.

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