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C&S Grain Market Consulting Ohio, IL USA
Telephone: 815-376-6101
Specializing in the current and historical analysis of December Corn and November Soybean Commodity Futures. Our projections and recommendations provide farmers and traders with price insights that are not available elsewhere.

C-FX Asset Management, Inc. Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 847-525-2396
CFX provides a full range of trading services to beginners and advanced traders. From newsletters and market alert services to self-directed, broker assisted or fully managed accounts to commodity trading advisor services. Contact us for a FREE trial subscription to any of our newsletters.

Callahan Division Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-621-9962
Rosenthal Collins Group, L.P., Callahan Division excels in the execution of orders for the most demanding professional traders. umerous locals, large independent traders, Introducing Brokers, andinstitutional traders do business with the Callahan Division.The Callahan Division uses its own floor trading desks, staffed with professionals with xperience in handling "size" orders in fast-paced markets. These strategically placed desksare independent from the desks of Rosenthal Collins Group, L.P., and Callahan uses the same brokers who handle large rofessional traders like Richard Dennis for all executions.

Cameo Trading Inc. New York, New York U.S.A.
Telephone: (718)-610-2325
Cameo Trading has been a specialist firm on the trading floor of the NYBOT since 1984. We have handled sugar futures and options exclusively. For personalized service to meet your companies needs contact us at 718-610-2325.

Cannon Trading Co Inc. Beverly Hills, California USA
Telephone: 800-4549572
Experienced broker assistance program providing futures spreads and option combinations trading. Other services include discount trading and E-trading.

Capital Performance Group, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-409-8898
Commodity trading advisor offering a day trade system via fax. Free trial for two weeks, then you be the judge. Uses support and resistance points W.D.Gann used. Can withstand $50.00 r/t commission. Available for managed or subscription, brokers welcomed.

Capitol Commodity Services, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Telephone: 1-800-876-8050
No minumum required. Serving traders since 1983, home of the EMAS (Electronic Market Alert System) which emails you price alerts as well as technical indicator alerts. Create unique customized intraday quote and chart screens for both futures and options. Honest online trading at affordable rates.

Carlin Futures LLC New York , NY United States
Telephone: (877) 330 -Trade
Open an accout now online and get promotional pricing! Carlin Futures LLC is a deep discount broker whose focus is providing professional self-directed traders rapidly executed orders in a broad range of products and services. Excellent services available for the most demanding professionals at some of the industries most competitive rates. Phone calls will be answered promptly and a live person can be accessed during trading hours.

Castle Trading Company North Hills, California Los Angeles
Telephone: 1-800-624-0626
Castle Trading Company offers full service and online trading. We trade all U.S. Commodity Futures Contracts. Online Trading is $8.99 per side. Call now for a free weekly newsletter.

Celtic Brokerage, Inc. Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 312-786-9140
Services for the Professional Futures Trader. One of the oldest and most experienced firms at the Chicago Board of Trade. Flash fills, member clearing, experienced staff. Visit our Website for further information or give us a call.

Central States Commodities Inc. Kansas City, Missouri USA
Telephone: 1 800 999 4822
Central States Commodities is a full service brokerage that specializes in agricultural futures and options.

Central-FX, Ltd. Toronto, Ontario Canada
Telephone: 416-694-7868
Central-FX is the Canadian gateway to the fastest foreign exchange trade execution in the industry, with partner offices in two major time zones, New York and Tokyo. All Forex trades are commission free. Open a demo- or real trading account today, and participate in the most dynamic market in the world, with US$1.5 trillion traded daily. Visit Central-FX today.

Ceres Trading Group, Inc. Singer Island,, Florida USA
Telephone: 800-849-0271
Ceres Trading Group, Inc. specializes in speculative investments in the commodity futures & options markets. Our focus for investors is to discover trades that offer capital appreciation with predetermined risk. Ceres’ goal is to provide clients with sound service and solid information.

CFG Futures Canada Inc (MB) Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Telephone: 1-800-894-2597
CFG serves a variety of clients across Canada including professional traders, hedgers, speculators and corporate clients. CFG is able to provide exceptional market access to its clients through its US clearing broker REFCO USA. CFG actively trades all of the major commodity markets on a daily basis. Services include comprehensive research reports, news, charts, internet based quotes, electronic account access, Introducing Broker services and trade execution.

CFG Futures Canada Toronto Branch  Toronto , Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 416-363-8766 1-866-877-8766 EXT 229
We are a brokerage firm that works with many seasoned traders and novice traders. We also work with many course members such as Larry Williams and Ken Roberts. We always do our best to support all clients with exceptional daily reseach and also help with the daily technicals of any market. What ever level of trading you are at you will always have our support. Once you are our customer you will realize these are not only words.

Chadwick Investment Group Charlotte, North Carolina USA
Telephone: 800-320-1360
We are a brokerage firm offering out clients personal service. In the futures markets we feel that it is important to have a positive relationship with your broker. That is our aim, to provide you with the service and tools that you need. For more information give us a call.

Chart-Ex, LLC Winnetka, IL USA
Telephone: 847-784-9252
Chart-Ex is a new proprietary data visualization tool that displays comparative price action on a single central axis with cumulative volume at each price. The Chart-Ex display is keying into the growing demand from traders and investors that want to see volume at price. Chart-Ex achieves this goal in one concise model.

Chartewel Commodities Brooksville, Florida USA
Telephone: 1-877-754-9994
Honest, proven brokerage firm. We offer free market alerts, monthly newsletter, on-line trading for as low as $9.50 per side. Register today for a 60 day trial to our email alerts and try us out for yourself.

Charting Your Futures Arcadia, California USA
Telephone: 1 800 698 8861
Free nightly hotline and Saturday interactive commodity workshop. Free daily commodity and index charts as well as historic charts and seasonal cycles. 35 years experience.

Chicago Commodity Consulting Pasadena, California USA
Telephone: 626-398-4337
Providing execution in all futures markets. Also providing various seminars and instructions regarding analysis of markets and trading. Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 888-262-7303
Online futures broker offering electronic order entry to the major futures exchanges. Division of Kottke Associates,LLC, clearing member at the CBOT/CME. Commissions start at $4.95 a side, plus fees. Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 312-697-2440
Clients of ChicagoFutures.Com are able to place orders for futures contracts over any Internet connection directly into the matching engines of the major futures exchanges. We can send the order to the exchange and return a fill within 2 to 5 seconds. Our rates start at $7.50 a side plus commissions.

CK Locke and Partners Perth, Western Australia Australia
Telephone: 08 9421 7777
CKL offer futures and stock broking services in options, futures, shares, ipo’s and managed funds. CKL also provide FREE products in share prices, charting, historical data, research and paper trading. Louisville, Kentucky USA
Telephone: 866-261-2864
Futures broker clearing through Rosenthal Collins Group L.L.C. Specializing in discretionary E-mini S&P and S&P 500 daytrading. Daily results posted at Also, offers detailed trade recommendations and technical market analysis for a variety of commodity markets. Full service or discount on-line trading available.

ClearTrade Commodities Chicago, IL U.S.
Telephone: 800-493-4444
ClearTrade strives to provide tools to help traders make logical decisions in order to spot the best opportunities. ClearTrades NEW web site offers Free Recommendations, News, Commentaries, Audio, Government reports and much more feel free to come in and browse.

ClearTrade Online Chicago, IL. USA
Telephone: 800-493-4444
ClearTrade Online provides you with access to the pit and electronic side-by-side trading at a discounted rate. We recognize the need to provide traders with a choice of trading platforms and commission base. Whatever your trading style or need - ClearTrade has the product and commission rate for you.

Clearview Capital Management,Inc. New-York, N.Y. USA
Telephone: 212-709-8139
Professional FX traders handle offer managed accounts for FX investors.

Clearwater Commodities Clearwater Beach, Florida USA
Telephone: 1-800-493-4444
We are trader/brokers most from Chicago trading arena. Member of CBOT. We offer daily recomondations using risk management tools and are always looking for low risk trades.

CMA Reports Inc. / T. Young & Co Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara, California USA
Telephone: (888) 307-8755
Specializing in Professionally Managed Accounts and Commodity Pool Funds only. Alternative & Hedge Investments since 1978. Brokers: Ask about our IB Referral Program

Coastal Future & Options Boca Raton, Florida USA
Telephone: 877-820-7490
Full service broker-assisted futures and options trading accounts with market research, realtime quotes, news and charts.

Columbia Asset Management Portland, Oregon USA
Telephone: 503-471-1300 (800) 548-2127
See your commodity futures and options account on-line, updated via the internet. Commodity futures and options brokerage services, managed accounts, IRA accounts. Free trial of research.

Columbia Futures Olympia, Washington USA
Telephone: 800-246-6052
With ten years of experience analysing and trading, find out the secret to trading futures with options as your stop. Low defined risk trades with large profit potential. Full service with discount commissions.

Columbia Futures Group Seattle, Washington USA
Telephone: 1-800-753-0204
Serving seasoned traders & learners with integrity, patience and excellence. Free starter kit, fax quotes and newsletter.

Comek Financial Group Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA
Telephone: 800.844.9492
Full service commodity and broker-assisted futures and options trading accounts with online trading, market research, realtime quotes, news and charts.

Commerce Foreign Exchange Boston, MA US
Telephone: 617 357 0682
3 points spreads in major currencies Superior internet trading software Fast, reliable and accurate execution of trades Real time reporting and access to historical transactions $500 Minimum deposit Up to 100:1 Leverage Platform in 13 languages, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian Fund your account in 13 different currencies Deposits FDIC Insured up to $100K per depositor. "Trade with a bank and not a broker."

Commodities - Commodity Trading Futures Trading Schererville, IN USA
Telephone: 219-865-1031
Free kits on commodity trading and futures trading. Free emini futures trading resources and education.

Commodities Now London, - UK
Telephone: +44 - 171 - 564 3912
Quarterly magazine for the major commodity markets. Emphasis on risk management and trading in base & Precious metals, softs and agriculturals, oil/gas/electricity. Miami, FL USA
Telephone: (813) 876-9662
Information and articles about futures and options trading, trading glossary, and comprehensive range of trading accounts.

Commodity Accounting Systems Pleasanton, California USA
Telephone: 925-485-0282
CAS provides a "back office" environment for commodity and hedge fund operations. Our customer-oriented service provides features essential to today's commodity and hedge fund operators, all at a value that cannot be compared to anyone else. Visit our site today and see for yourself.

Commodity Central, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona USA
Telephone: 888-598-7233
Home of Free daily news, printable charts, quotes and commentaries. Free trial options report and trading packet. Ask about our monthly options trading strategy, in which we look for 5%-15% net monthly returns. 1(888)598-7233 Full explanations will be provided. We also allow you to paper trade our strategy for several months. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Commodity Charting Pro ST. MARYS, PA United States
Telephone: (814) 834-4180
Commodity Charting Pro. This system utilizes chart formations thath will create profits.

Commodity Consulting Pty Ltd Sydney, NSW Australia
Telephone: 61-2-9387 7444
Commodity Consulting is licensed with the Australian Securities Commisssion as a futures adviser. We currently work on an exclusive basis for some of Australia's largest agricultural commodity producers, processors and traders.Our specialty area is strategy development utilising exchange traded and OTC options. With over 18 years experience in Europe, Asia and Australia ... Commodity Consulting offers a personalised approach to the development of price enhancing portfolio hedges.

Commodity Futures Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Telephone: 800-264-3557
Complete online resources including Free charts, quotes trade advisory and papertrading with comments by Canadian broker Marty Hibbs

Commodity Futures & Options Service, Inc. Houston, Texas USA
Telephone: (800) 652-CFOS & (800) 652-2367
Commodity Futures & Options Service, Inc., is an independant introducing broker with multiple clearing agreements to facilitate specific needs of diverse client interests. C.F.O.S. offers service in designing and implementing futures programs for individuals wishing to participate in the futures markets as well as for: banks,brokerage firms, corporations, financial advisors, money managers, mutual funds, partnerships, pension funds, and trust funds. Commodity Futures & Options Service can help you when: selecting commodity trading advisors, starting up or expanding a futures operation, developing marketing/sales strategies, establishing trading procedures, improving money management techniques, training sales and administrative personnel and formulating analytical models and methods.

Commodity Futures Group Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Telephone: 1-888-451-7234
Commodity Futures Group believes in giving our customers honest, outstanding, personalized service. We specialize in discount rates for self-directed accounts, broker assist accounts and managed futures accounts. We are well aquainted with most areas of technical analysis and system trading. Commodity Futures Group believes that proper money management is the key to success. If you're looking for an honest, fair, and friendly place to trade....give us a call and try us out. We think you'll be glad you did.

Commodity Futures Options Trading, Inc. Portland, OR USA
Telephone: (800) 548-2127
Look for an experienced brokerage contact? Also see your account on-line, updated via the internet. More than one trading platform to choose from. Exciting managed accounts that are also available for IRA accounts. Free trial of research.

Commodity Hedging Co. P/L Caloundra, Queensland Australia
Telephone: 61 7 54 917 443
Commodity Hedging Company, a futures trading company uses the legendary W.D.Gann method of accurate forecasting. David Burton increases profits of all his clients, with his proven methods. This site has online brochures, latest world interviews, ideas, tips, links, and the controversial HAMMER TIME, where David takes on the 'so called experts'. If you are interested to increase profits, then visit this site today!

Commodity Information Systems, Inc. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
Telephone: 800.231.0477 or 405.302.0269
Established in 1968, CIS publishes Bill Gary's Price Perceptions. This weekly market letter provides a unique combination of technical and fundamental analysis that takes you "past the obvious." Sign up for a free issue.

Commodity Insight Ennis, Montana USA
Telephone: 406-682-5225
Instant futures market information is available to subscribers twice daily via our website. Recommendations are provided by Jerry Welch, a licensed CTA and nationally recognized analyst. Jerry is a columnist for several agricultural publications including the Illinois Agri-News. He is also a regular guest analyst for KWHY-TV in Los Angeles and WCIU-TV in Chicago--two of the largest business channels in the nation. A weekly futures market newsletter via fax or mail and complete brokerage services are also available.

Commodity Investments Management Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Telephone: 423-693-8363
CIM was incorporated in 1980 and is a guraranteed Introducing Broker clearing thruough LIT division of 1st Options of Chicago. A full Service Broker, CIM assists in the trading of all commodity futures and options. CIM is a registered NFA member, and Commodity Trading Advisor and is renouned for fast courteous customer service.

Commodity Investors Group, Inc. North Palm Beach, Florida United States
Telephone: 1-866-564-6339
Highly accurate full service commodity brokerage offering free charts & quotes, expert analysis & commentary on every major commodity market in the world.

Commodity Management West Jordan, UT USA
Telephone: 801-598-3188
Laocoon has over 20 years experience in hedging strategies, bond, oil, precious metal futures trading. Managing principal is former international finance economist at major US bank. Managed accounts only.

Commodity Review And Outlook Orleans (Cape Cod), Massachusetts USA
Telephone: 800-634-3194 508-240-1006
My name is Steve Morgan. I have been a commodity broker since 1974. I trade all markets, using a combination of tech/fundamental analysis. My web page offers daily commentary and recommendations on the markets. I am a full service broker. Very experienced with options and option strategies. Commission range is from $35-$50 RT, futures and options. Trades are cleared through ADM Investor Services.

Commodity Services, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa USA
Telephone: 515-251-3100
CSI is a full service commodity brokerage company and marketing consulting firm. We provide unmatched personal service and use many tools along with years of experience to make investing in commodities a rewarding experience.

Commodity Solutions Humphrey, NE USA
Telephone: 800-306-1803
Are you looking for a broker that can give you the attention and information that you need? Call us we can help you. We offer a weekly newsletter with a broker that will always take as much time as you need with him. We can only help if you call 800-306-1803.

Commodity Trader Kitchener, ON Canada
Telephone: 519-584-2603 or 1-800-264-3557
Marty Hibbs is a Commodity Specialist with Union Securities Ontario Canada. Marty,who was licenced in 1985, is familiar with the trading styles of Ken Roberts and Larry Williams. Visit his personal site for free charts, quotes and other materials 519-584-2603 or 1-800-264-3557

Commodity Trading House Stellenbosch, Western Cape South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)21 888 8 100
Commodity Trading House is a diversified international commodity trading firm and we are involved in the international as well as the local South African market with various aspects of commodity trading, futures and options trading, price risk management, hedging instruments, derivatives and commodity finance. CTH is one of the foremost broking firms within the agricultural division of Safex, which form part of the JSE Securities Exchange. With offices throughout South Africa, we effectively provide price risk management on all the commodities being traded; namely wheat, white maize , yellow maize, ,sunflowers and Kruger rands. Tampa, Florida USA
Telephone: 888-769-9399
Thinking about trading? Currently trading? Tired of high rates and no service? Looking for effective tools to help analyze your trades? Come on over to where your needs come first! Incline Village, Nevada USA
Telephone: 702-833-2700
An Internet based brokerage firm offering the only true electronic direct-to-pit order entry system for open outcry markets. Online marked-to-market statements, interactive charts, real-time quotes and extensive in-house research from leading industry traders. Complete account plans from discount, broker assisted, full service and managed account facilities

CommodityTech Las Vegas, NV USA
Telephone: 702-248-6131
Weekly market-timer newsletter provides exact entry and exit points, documented results of all past recommendations, and a free trial subscription. Edited by Brian Roskoski, winner of the 1997 Stock-Track National Collegiate Investment Competition.

Commstock Investments Spencer, Iowa USA
Telephone: 1-800-242-5014
CommStock Investments, Inc., a full-service commodity brokerage, is located in Spencer, Iowa, the heart of the Midwest. David A. Kruse, President, offers a unique perspective with many years of experience in agriculture, and as an experienced commodity trading advisor. The CommStock Report, which has aired on Iowa radio stations for several years and has been one of the fastest growing market advisory services on DTN/FarmDayta, offers a colorful blend of commentary and market analysis which can be found nowhere else. The CommStock Report is now available on the Internet.

Compass Financial Dallas , Texas USA
Telephone: 800.577.3600
Futures and Options Trading Guide. Direct floor access to all domestic futures and options markets. Immediate news alert dissemination. 24 hour global trading and service capabilities. In depth fundamental and technical analysis. Immediate futures market analysis and commentary. Commercial hedging and risk analysis. Option pricing and strategy analysis.

Compass Financial Futures and Options Richardson, Texas USA
Telephone: 800 577-3600 or 972 680-8080
We strive to provide the best in personalized trading sevice for the novice as well as the experienced futures and Forex investor. Feel free to visit our website, or give us a call and we'll see if we have a match to do business.

comTECH Trading Huntington Beach, California USA
Telephone: (800) 570-3600
Commodities. futures & option brokerage firm. Offer competitive commission rates. Also offer free daily research comments, free charts, quotes, and much, much, more. Friendly service

Coquest Inc Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 1-800-357-3030
Coquest Inc. is a Dallas TX based commodities Broker and Commodities Trading Advisor. The firm was founded in 1990 by John Vassallo and Dennis Weinmann, both of whom worked on the Floor of the NYMEX. Coquest provides service futures and options brokerage for institutional and individual clients as well as offering investors diversification through managed futures.

Core Trading Group, LLC Culver City, CA USA
Telephone: 800-479-8624
Core offers a full range of services from broker assisted accounts, managed futures, to online trading. Full service at discount prices.

Corrado Investment Services, LLC Newport Beach, California USA
Telephone: 714-475-0960
Corrado Investment Services, LLC manages institutional and individual futures and options accounts, and provides experienced, personal, futures brokerage services. Corrado is a registered company with theCommodity Futures Trading Commission as a Commodity Trading Advisor and an Introducing Broker; and is also a member of the National Futures Association.

Cristal Commodities Corretora Belo Horizonte, MG BR
Telephone: -
Cristal Commodities a brokerage firm in Brazil brings to you the state of Brazilian commodities markets with graphs, comments, news and links.

CrowFlite Corp. 415 Route 24 W. Chester, NJ 07930 USA
Telephone: 1-800-276-9354
CrowFlite corporation is a full service firm which specializes in option selling strategy. We believe option buyers tend to lose and sellers tend to win. The president Steve Crow invites you to contact us for some special offers now running.

Crown Futures Corporation of Cleveland Fairview Park, Ohio USA
Telephone: 1-800-250-3450
Crown Futures Corporation of Cleveland is a nationally respected, full service, commodities futures brokerage located in Cleveland, Ohio. With business connections to several of the largest and most renowned clearing and research firms in the industry, Crown is able to provide its clients with the best of two worlds: the detailed, personal attention to clients' financial objectives, trading styles, and information that a large research organization can provide.

CS Trading Delray Beach, Florida USA
Telephone: 800-332-1650
This site offers information and free resources for commodity options traders. Our commodities options specialist(sixteen-years experience) is geared toward beginning or sophisticated spread trading techniques which offers theindividual investor a way into the commodities market with a minimum risk, yielding higher yield return on equity.

CSM Futures Group Angleton, TX USA
Telephone: 877 875 9800
Assisted, Discount, & Online Trading. Futures and Options, Market Education Products. Low trading rates.

Curtis Dearing Futures and Options Hampton, Virginia USA
Telephone: 1-888-828-4567
Curtis Dearing is a full service futures and options Introducing Broker working as a branch office of A&A Trading. Discount commissions are provider for qualified investors. Curtis specializes in seasonal trades and day trading the stock index futures. He has 24 hour trading, competitive commissions, free daily newsletter, free trial to Investors Business Daily, plus much more.

Custom Brokerage and Services Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: (800)321-5810/(312)756-4434
Custom Brokerage and Services, a division of Refco, LLC, brings together the personal attention of a boutique with the vast resources of a large company. It provides individual traders access to the newest technology and access to experienced brokers to make it pay-off. Services include online trading, online account information, market information services, and much more. "Custom" is the ability to structure the mix and types of services you desire. We provide - you pick.

CyberFutures Santa Monica, California USA
Telephone: 310.394.7002
Cyber-Futures© was formed with the goal of providing a unified and complete internet source for the industry. We provide information such as track records, trading philosophies, and available services from our participants in one complete and easy-to-use site to the browsing members of the Managed Futures Industry. For our participants, we offer a full-time internet staff that will design and maintain personalized web pages. We post track records, recent results, Disclosure documents, trading philosophies, and other information for customers and other interested parties to view or download.

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